Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doggin it!

Nice weather fer hound huntin!

Coons n' bears are all asleep, but the dogs n' me get out pret neer every day. Woods round here are all strung up with tubing fer maple sugarin, and the squirrls play hell with it, chewin it all up. I love these nuisance jobs, keeps the dogs sharp. Juba sniffs em out from up the tree. He's gettin pretty good at it, we get tons a squirrels. It's funny, he has a different bark for squirrels than coons, and he seems ta use his eyes more, always lookin up. Got an old Cooey single shot 16 guage that is perfect fer this kinda shootin.


Albert A Rasch said...

He sure looks like he's having fun!

Albert A Rasch
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Albert A Rasch said...
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bushman said...

Hey, Albert.
Ya, he knows he's gettin some squirrelly treats tonight!