Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who says ya can't call turkeys in the fall?

Well, some a you smarter guys know you can, but up here I've always been told turkeys won't respond in the fall. Now, I don't have much experience with fall turkey hunting, seein as this is the first year there has been a fall season.
So, there I am, set up in the corner of a swamp wait'n for the big buck ta come to my Foxpro caller doe bleat sound, when I hear some yelps in the timber across a field.
Since I haven't had any action for awhile, I put the caller on "lost hen" and let er go.
After bout 5 minutes a back n forth, them turkeys come right in! They musta come in 400 yards or more, cross an open field, and walk right up to that caller. Were talkin 30-40 hens n jakes.
I had shut the caller down before they reached the far edge of the field, but they still pinpointed that exact spot.
So, I guess next fall turkey season, I'm sleepin in, and huntin late afternoon!


Anonymous said...

I have had really good luck calling turkeys in the fall by imitating a lost young of the year. All you have to do is whistle the same cadance as the lost hen call. Works slick and you don't need to ahve a call with you, just your lips.

bushman said...

Gonna try that one, Norseman, thanks. That call is my kind a cheap...

Anonymous said...

If you like cheap calls, try using a stir stick straw that you can pick up from filling stations with you coffee. Use it just like a wingbone call. A soda straw will work too, they just require fine tuning by cutting them shorter. Just cut them a n inch or too at a time to get the tone you want.

Othmar Vohringer said...

Yep. Calling turkeys in the fall works great. What you say is true not many hunters know that turkeys can be called in the fall and winter. When I talk about that topic on my seminars or turkey hunting course about 90% of the people look at me like “Is he for real.” You bet I am for real. ;)

bushman said...

Hey, Othmar.

I remember them tellin me on my turkey course that turkeys were next to impossible to call in the fall. They're supposed ta be teachin!

BTW, great new site ya got there: