Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coon Hound

Finally! A day with no skunk calls. Gave me some time to work with Juba, my young Plott hound. Well, his dam was a bluetick, but he favours the Plott.

Juba is four n' a half months old, and is coming along well. I started him on a drag, then live trapped a coon. It was a little dicey at first, he howled like the devil but was scared to approach the cage. After draggin the cage home (with Juba trialling it) I shot the coon and let it fall out. Lil Juba was still too scared to go after it, even after watching Max, my Airedale mix tear into it. Persistance paid off though, as he started worrien it after me coaxing him for 45 minutes!

Now he goes nuts on that skin, which I now use as a drag. He's even starting to bark tree!

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