Friday, October 24, 2008

Dream Buck

Was out last evening at a Buddy's farm. This place is known for huge bucks, and he charges thousands for hunters to try for one.

I help him manage the herd, and thin out the dinks. It's a tough job, but someones gotta do it! Anyway, I always have a problem at a stand called the Rockpile stand. I can't seem to kill anything there. Don't get me wrong, I see lots a deer. Last night 2 mule sized does walked right in front a me. My problem is that I pass up the dozens a deer coming in and out of that field. Here's why...

It was 2 years ago, the pre-rut was just getting under way. I'm lying on the ground, the stands aren't set up yet. Out in front of me at the far end of the field walks a buck, later to be named the brow tine buck. I'm tellin ya, the rack on this buck was unreal. It had 4 or 5 points on each side, but what really made the rack was the incredible length of the brow tines. They had to be a foot long! Lookin straight at him, all the tips looked like the same height.

He was about 280 yards in front of me, walking straight towards me. The wind was perfect, but I wasn't gonna take the shot till he stopped, and since he was walkin twards me, he was cuttin the distance with each step. You know what I'm gonna say next. Something caught his attention in the next field over while he was behind a slight rise, and he was gone.

Now I'm not much of a trophy hunter, but I have dreams about that buck. My buddy wonders why I didn't take the shot, he's seen me take further. I guess I figured the only thing worst than not shooting was shooting and loosing that animal.

So that's why I pass up on every other deer I see in that field. I guess I'm waitin fer something...

Here's a pic I found on google of a similar rack. A shed hunter found huge sheds with long brow tines in the area. I'm tryna get a picture, if I do I'll put it up.


Tom Sorenson said...

Man you gotta warn a fella before just posting a picture like that! I mean, yeah, you said a nice buck with long brow tines, but I was completely unprepared for your picture of a "similar buck!" Spit coffee all over my computer. I now understand why a non trophy hunter has dreams of that buck.

bushman said...

Well Tom, Maybee that one in the pic is the little brother of the one I saw...LOL!

That pic is from some record deer somewares, popped up on google images by typen "big brow tines". It's bigger, but not by that much...I tell ya, this rack was huge! At first I thought it was a tree that fell over with the roots sticken up. just wait till I find who picked up those sheds!

Editor said...

holy mackeral!