Friday, October 3, 2008


Now, not what you think! Got a call this morning from a guy in town. Seems he trapped a skunk in a live trap and wanted me to come down and remove it (my reputation precedes me...).

No problem I sez! Easy money! See, I've got the skunk handling down to a science: I quietly approach the trap holding a blanket high up in front of me. Pepe can't see me....just a wall approaching him. When I get to the trap, I slowly lower the blanket on top of the trap. When the blankets covering the trap you can lift it no problems.

Well, I should have known something was going wrong when the wind started blowing the blanket like crazy. The critter started gettin real agitated, stamping his feet and such, but I wasn't too worried, the cage was too small for him to turn and lift his tail. Then it happened. From the corner of my eye i see the yellowish stream of liquid shootin up. Wind catches it and, well, I guess I'm sleepin outside tonight!

By the way, a good wash for skunk essence is: green dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. Get it into a good lather, and rinse it off. Works pretty good. Well, good enough to be allowed in the house, anyways!

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