Monday, November 17, 2008

Foxpro or Foxcrow?

So the neighbour down the road calls this morning saying there is a fox sitting outside her door, and she's scared ta let her dog out. I tell her not ta worry, a fox won't eat a dog (even a little foufou dog like hers...). I grab the new Foxpro I just got in the mail, and have been dyin ta try.

It's been rainin since I got it, and Foxpro doesn't recommend using it in the rain. And wouldn't it be perfect ta call a fox in on it's first time out?

So I set up behind her house (of course the fox is long gone) and put on the only fox sound, the pup distress. No luck, so I give er with the old standby, the sqweelin bunny. no dice.

I'm ready ta pack er in when I notice a bunch a crows in the distance.

Well, I think, lets see if the crows come in. I crank the volume on "crow fight" and "dyin crow".

Well, I'll say it worked! I've never seen so many crows in such a tight group, swirlin and divin at the caller (which I had set bout 50 yards in the pasture). Now I know they flock up this time a year, but this was nuts! The noise was deafening! I turned the caller full blast, but the real crows were blocking the sound. It was surreal.

Course, all I had was my .22, no shotgun er camera...

I'll do it again and try to get a pic. Man ya gotta see it ta believe it!


Editor said...

hi, the link to Marians site is not working correctly.
we have used the electronic call for crows too and it really works well.

bushman said...

I don't know what it is with that. It keeps goin back ta that feedburner site...any ideas?

Tom Sorenson said...

Awesome - I've never called crows...but I can sure appreciate hunting predators! Fact, I just went with my brother yesterday coyote hunting all day - never saw a single dog. Had a good time anyways.