Saturday, November 15, 2008

Freezer's full, it's buck time!

Well, I got motivated ta head out in the rain by Othmar , and what a day. Deer were movin everywhere. Was a little worried bout my keepin my powder dry, since I was usin my CVA Wolf smokepole. Nice little break open, and easy on the wallet. With a little lectrical tape, she was sealed tighter than my wallet.
Deer were causing a local landowner some problems with his market garden spread, so I figured id set up there. Wow. Sign everywhere.
Ya know, sometimes that works against you...too much sign, or too many food sources. Where to set up? Well, I found a good lookin inside corner and waited in the rain.
Bout sundown two does approached from downwind. Guess I didn't smell too bad, cause they just kept comin in. Rain can help wash away scent and keep it down. Double lunged her at fifteen yards. Guess that close I can't really brag bout the accuracy of the gun...
So, there it is. Butchered her up, the freezer is filled, and another tag is burnin a hole in my pocket!
Sorry no pics, didn't want my camera ta get all wet!

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